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Amaithipadai 1994 Movie Free Download

Amaidhi Padai 1994 movie

Amaidhi Padai (transl. Peacekeeping Force) is a 1994 Indian Tamil-language political thriller film, written and directed by Manivannan. Sathyaraj played a dual role as father and son in the film, with Ranjitha playing the female lead. The story revolves around an ordinary man who builds his political career through shortcuts and unethical means, while his son grows up to be an honest law enforcer.

Plot summary

In 1967, Amavasai is a lazy transient man, but he is also rather shrewd. He gets acquainted with politician Manimaran aka Mani, a MLA of the Palladam constituency, near Tiruppur. Amavasai helps Mani with some petty tasks during his election campaign. He later becomes Mani's close associate. Meanwhile, Amavasai lusts after a beautiful village belle Thayamma and manages to entrap her with false promises of love. One day, he drugs and rapes the barely conscious Thayamma.

amaithipadai 1994 movie free download

In 1971, Mani's party refuses to give him the ticket. An enraged Mani instructs Amavasai to stand for the MLA election as an independent candidate to teach his party a lesson. Amavasai ends up winning the election. He changes his name to Nagaraja Cholan to elevate his social status. His behavior also changes as he grows more arrogant much to the shock of Mani. He wins the election and forces Mani to become his crony. Amavasai finds out that a rich zamindar is looking for a groom for his daughter, Sivakami and he quickly arranges to be married to her as he wants to become rich. He abandons the now pregnant Thayamma. Distraught over this betrayal, Thayamma and her parents move out of the village to avoid humiliation. Soon, Thayamma gives birth to a boy and dies.

Amavasai marries Sivakami and gets the latter's palace as dowry. Sivakami vows to be celibate as Amavasai refused to adopt Thayamma's infant son. Over the years, Amavasai grows into a highly influential and corrupt politician. He builds a strong political network through shortcuts. He has been reelected to his position as MLA for 5 elections. To remain in power, he kills anyone who comes in his way. His ultimate goal is to become Chief Minister where he will have all the power to do whatever he wants, and no one can stop him.

Raised by his maternal grandparents, Thayamma's son, Thangavel becomes a Reserve Police constable who is deputed to Amavasai's constituency. Thangavel is honest and upright, but unaware of his father's identity. He soon clashes with Amavasai's henchmen who are involved in various illegal activities. Thangavel also falls in love with Sumathi, a school teacher who is Amavasai's illegitimate daughter from another woman.

The rest of the film shows how Thangavel exposes Amavasai's crimes and brings him to justice, while also reuniting with his long-lost family.


  • Sathyaraj as Nagaraja Cholan / Thangavel

  • Ranjitha as Thayamma / Sumathi

  • Manivannan as Manimaran aka Mani

  • Kalyan Kumar as Zamindar

  • Sujatha as Sivakami

  • Kasthuri as Kuyilu

  • Charle as Pichumani

  • Venniradai Moorthy as Minister

  • Vinu Chakravarthy as Collector

  • Senthil as Constable

  • Goundamani as Constable

  • Raj Kapoor as Inspector

  • Crazy Mohan as Doctor

  • Delhi Ganesh as Judge


The film was written and directed by Manivannan, who was known for his political satire and comedy films. He conceived the story of Amaidhi Padai as a commentary on the corruption and nepotism in Indian politics. He cast Sathyaraj, his close friend and frequent collaborator, in the dual role of the father and son. Sathyaraj agreed to do the film without taking any remuneration, as he was impressed by the script and Manivannan's direction. Ranjitha, who had worked with Sathyaraj in Walter Vetrivel (1993), was chosen as the female lead. The film also featured many prominent actors in supporting roles, such as Kalyan Kumar, Sujatha, Kasthuri, Charle, Venniradai Moorthy, Vinu Chakravarthy, Senthil, Goundamani, Raj Kapoor, Crazy Mohan and Delhi Ganesh.

The film was produced by K. Balachandran, U. K. Senthikumar and K. N. Ilamurugan under the banner of M. R. Films International. The cinematography was handled by D. Shankar, while the editing was done by P. Venkateshwara Rao. The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja, who collaborated with Manivannan for the first time. The film had six songs, written by Pulamaipithan and Gangai Amaran.

Release and reception

The film was released on 13 January 1994, coinciding with the Pongal festival. The film received critical acclaim for its screenplay, direction, performances and dialogues. Sathyaraj's portrayal of the ruthless politician Nagaraja Cholan was widely praised as one of his best performances. The film also became a commercial success, running for more than 25 weeks in theatres and becoming a blockbuster. The film won several awards, including the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Film (Third Prize), the Filmfare Award for Best Actor Tamil (Sathyaraj) and the Cinema Express Award for Best Actor Tamil (Sathyaraj).

The film is regarded as one of the best political thriller films in Tamil cinema and has attained a cult status over the years. The film was followed by a sequel titled Nagaraja Cholan MA, MLA in 2013, with Sathyaraj reprising his role as Nagaraja Cholan.


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