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[S5E8] All I Want For Christmas Is You

Maya and Carina talk about the toys they've purchased for Toys for Tots. A timer goes off and Carina goes to get the cookies out of the oven. Maya says she always wanted a GI Joe set. Carina suggests that she keep it, but Maya says she's not taking a toy from a needy child. Andy comes in, noting the good smell. She goes to the freezer and ignores the packet in there while she grabs some ice cream. Maya says she can't keep her divorce papers in there forever, but Andy says no rule says that. After she's gone, Carina feeds Maya a cookie and admits she doens't know what to do for Andy. The cookie is good, though, and she pulls Carina in for a kiss.

[S5E8] All I Want for Christmas Is You

Travis and Vic discuss the painting as they enter the station. He denies hating it, but admits it felt like too much. He asks Vic about Theo and she says he was doing laundry last night. At the front desk, they see Theo, who is subbing for the day. Jack walks in and Vic has flashbacks to them together in the bathroom. Everyone is awkward for a moment. Vic didn't know Theo was subbing and Theo didn't know Vic was coming back to work. Theo asks what's going on with her and she just says that her friend died. She just wants to work, because she's excited to be back.

Vic is bored on desk duty. She brushes Theo off when he comes to visit her. When a Crisis One call comes in, she jumps up eagerly. She gets into the aid car and is displeased to see Jack climb into the other side.Jack and Vic meet Emmett outside their destianation. He tells them someone called and reported a woman named Amy was having some sort of anxiety attack. He assumes a neighbor called it in. They go to the front door, but no one answers, so they cautiously walk in. They find Amy on the kitchen floer, breathing heavily next to a frying pan that looks to have been thrown at the wall, spilling eggs around it. They introduce themselves and Jack turns off the stove while Vic checks on Amy. Jack and Emmett quietly agree that it looks like domestic violence, meaning they need to call the police. Amy struggles to talk and says she can't breathe. Vic is talking her through breathing exercises when Greg comes in carrying their son and asks if she called them. Amy says she didn't and Jack explains that they got a call that she was in distress. Greg brushes it off, saying she gets panic attacks a lot. He says they can leave and walks out of the room. Jack goes to get oxygen, but Vic wants to move her to the aid car. Amy panics and says she can't leave. She just needed to buy some time because he was getting scary. He got mad while she was making eggs for the baby. She can't leave. She admits that she was the one who called. She can't leave because he'll take her baby and tell everyone she's crazy. He tells everyone she's crazy.

Carina carries baskets of toys into the beanery, followed by Andy, who has wrapping paper, and Maya, who is pulling a cart. Carina wants to organize the toys by age, but Andy starts to question if she's a masochist for continuing to hang out at station 19. Carina says she loves spending her days off there because it's like the house of the friend whose family you wished would adopt you as a child. Maya tells Andy that Beckett announced that the new fire chief is a woman. Andy asks if Maya's sad she wasn't the first and Maya says only a little. Sullivan wonders if this means her investigation will be completed soon, but Maya says he buried it so deep, she can't get an answer from anyone in the department and now he's slipped out the back door. Sullivan says hopefully they'll come to their senses and give Beckett the boot. Andy says he's not the problem, but Maya says he is a problem. Sullivan says he's the problem for those who have to work with him. After he's gone, Carina asks why the divorce papers are still in their freezer. Andy hates the idea of being someone who leaves. Carina tells her if something doesn't feel good, leaving is the right thing to do. Andy leaves to get more toys, but Maya comments that they don't need more toys.

Ben tells them not to move anything because as soon as they do, Terrence will bleed out and die. Beckett tells Maya to get into the car, turn it off, and press down the emergency brake. Ben tells Sullivan to hold her so she doesn't rock the car. Beckett hears this and asks him who is calling the shots. Ben tells him how precarious the situation is, but he already knows that. Maya gets the brake on. Ben then has Travis climb onto the other car to stabilize it from above. Terrence says they were having an early Christmas dinner at his mother-in-law's. It was all systems go that morning. He asks if any of them have kids and Ben says he does. Terrence's wife was making sure everything was ready and his daughter fussing over a boy she likes commenting on one of her photos on Instagram and one of his twins throwing a football at the other even though it's not his thing. They raced out of the house and put in a last-minute grocery order, but accidentally put in their home address. So he jumped back in the car to get them. He arrived to find that they'd left the groceries in the driveway, so he parked and hopped out to get them and found himself trapped. He meant to get his brakes checked because they were squeaking. He should listen to his wife more, as she'd also told him to use the parking brake. His phone rings and they encourage him to answer the call from his wife. He doesn't want her to worry, but they say she'd rather know. Ben excuses himself and tells Becktt they need the PRT. It's Terrence's only chance. Beckett can't authorize it, but Sullivan suggests the new fire chief will approve it to get a feel-good story on her first week. Maya agrees that it's Terrence's best shot. Ben is going to call Bailey to get the blood ready and tells Beckett to get it approved. Maya tells Ben that Carina is at the station if he needs extra hands.

Ben waits impatiently as Beckett explains the situation and asks for approval. Terrence asks Ben to give it to him straight. Ben explains his injuries and what they're trying to do to save him. Until it's in place, they have to wait. Terrence starts to panic, so he asks for someone to tell him their funniest Christmas story. Theo immediately starts to laugh. Travis tries and fails to stop him from telling about the time Travis was visiting Michaael and Theo came home to find Travis naked except a Santa hat, not where you'd want it to be. Travis asks why he came over unnaounced and he reminds Travis that he lived here. Terrence's phone rings again and Ben says she has time to get there. He should answer the phone. Terrence says they were supposed to go caroling this weekend. When his wife sings, her voice and her smile always make him feel better. Sullivan says he has to be brave and give her the respect she deserves. He takes his phone and answers the call. He tells her he loves her and asks her not to freak out so she doesn't scare the kids. Ben says he's getting the PRT and walks away to call.

Terrence hopes his wife isn't speeding. He starts to cough up blood. Maya hates watching it and wishes they could do more. Sullivan reminds her that they can keep him alive so he can see his wife again and say goodbye. That's not good enough for Maya, who goes to Beckett and demands that he make it happen. He's been getting the runaround, but Ben says it doesn't matter as the PRT is already on its way and so is Carina to assist. Beckett can suspend him if he wants, but it's happening. Ben tells Terrence about the PRT and explains his plan to save Terrence's life. Delilah screeches to a halt in the driveway and runs to Terrence, asking what they're doing and why the car is still on him. Terrence calms her down and explains what's happening. She doesn't want to lose him. He has some things to tell her first. He wants her to tell Penelope that no matter how many boys comment on her photos, she needs to love herself first, so she always has somewhere to come home to. And he wants Rory to embrace the fact that Tommy's favorite color is pink and he idolizes Janet Jackson because there will be enough people giving him crap about it, so Rory needs to give him support. He wants them to dream big and love boldly. And they need to know that no matter where life takes them, he'll be with them every step. He doesn't want them to grow up to hate Christmas because they love Christmas. Sirens approaching announce the arrival of the PRT just as Beckett announces that it's been approved, though Ben was going to use it either way. He directs Andy where to park it.

Emmett checks Vic's vitals. She says she doesn't need it, but Jack insisted. They watch Greg be led out in handcuffs and Jack says they found bruises on Amy, so he was arrested. But first, he had to convince them that Greg was the bad guy, not Vic. He reminds Vic why they were supposed to be there and how she messed that up. She put the family at risk. And now Amy's shaken up. Vic goes back up to the house. She needs to get her heart monitor and also wants to apologize. She calls out to Amy, who opens the door and tells Vic that she could have gotten them killed. Vic retrieves her heart monitor as Amy says they're only taking him for the night and so he'll be angrier when he gets back. Vic says they need to get her packed. She can sit with the baby or she can pack for Amy. Amy says she doesn't have anywhere to go. She comes from nothing and Greg controls everything. Vic asks if there's anyone he doesn't know about and Amy mentions a cousin in Portland. Vic says she needs to call her cousin and then call the police and tell them she wants to press charges, so they can keep him longer. Then they'll pack. She didn't help earlier, but she wants to help now. Amy's staying to protect her son, but now she needs to leave to protect him. If he's not safe from his father, it's time to leave. Amy says okay and tells Vic where to find a suitcase. Vic goes to pack her things.

Theo finds Vic on the roof. She tells him Jack benched her but she deserved it. He's trying to be there for her. She interrupts him and tells him what happened with Jack. She knows she should have told him sooner. She asks if he hates her and wouldn't blame him if he did. Theo asks if she was in love with Dean. She says she wasn't, but she did love him. He was her friend, like family. It's hard to lose someone like that. You think you're okay and then you freak out on someone on a call. Vic says she loves Theo, but she knows she's doing everything wrong. She gets it if he never wants to see her again. He asks her if that's what she wants. He doesn't care about lately. He only cares about the long haul. She doesn't want to push him away, but she is. He gets up and leaves. 041b061a72


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