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The McLaren MP4-16 was launched on 7 February at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, Spain and immediately underwent a shakedown. While David Coulthard was optimistic, saying that this car gave him the best initial impression of all cars he drove, the Scot had to return it to the pits with a mechanical issue, leaving the McLaren team red-faced. The car had by then reportedly completed nearly 100 laps in the two days before that.

16 mp4

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Contrary to its 2 predecessors, the car is a complete rethink, required due to regulation changes imposed by the FIA. The front wing was raised 50mm while more stringent crash tests added unavoidable weight to the chassis.

Adrian Newey commented at the launch: "This is a totally new car for the new rules. The main one is the change to the front wing regulations, and this has had quite a knock-on effect on the configuration of the remainder of the car. The 50mm don't seem a great deal, but it has a big impact on the design of the car. In addition, we now have a much smaller rear wing, so there is a major reduction in downforce there too."

"Coupled to that are various primary safety structure changes, including higher roll hoops and new side penetration tests which are largely in response to some F3000 accidents where one car has T-boned another and the nose penetrated the monocoque. We have had to incorporate new side impact tests, further along the cockpit, which has promoted longer sidepods relative to the driver's position behind the wheel."

The most obvious change compared to the McLaren MP4-15 is the return of the high nose, an interesting feature as Ferrari opted to lower the nose for its Ferrari F2001. The team noted that aerodynamic research played a big part in finalising the overall layout of the car, requiring a fairly late launch date. The mechanicals also underwent the usual revisions while the Mercedes engine is said to be an evolution of the 2000 powerplant.

Once on track, it was immediately obvious that McLaren would endure a tough time against Ferrari, with the McLaren proving too fragile. Häkkinen for instance suffered a hydraulic failure in the penultimate lap when leading 40s over Michael Schumacher. Häkkinen struggled through the year and won 2 races, completing his worst season since 1997. David Coulthard on the other hand made it his best and finished second in the championship standings, staying ahead of Rubens Barrichello in the second Ferrari. McLaren finished a distant second in the constructors' championship with 102 points.

The McLaren MP4-16 was the car with which the McLaren team competed in the 2001 Formula One World Championship. The chassis was designed by Adrian Newey, Steve Nichols, Neil Oatley and Peter Prodromou, with Mario Illien designing the bespoke Ilmor engine. It was driven by double world champion Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard in what would be their sixth and final season together as McLaren teammates.

After being narrowly pipped to both titles by Ferrari in 2000, the goal of 2001 was to get McLaren back on top. However, the season proved to be frustrating in more ways than one. The chassis was good, but it was not developed enough to keep pace with Ferrari or new rivals Williams and also suffered from niggling aerodynamic problems; the Mercedes-Benz engines were less powerful than Williams's BMW units and less reliable than Ferrari's in-house efforts; and the team did not do a good enough job regarding the return of electronic driver aids.

Moreover, Häkkinen had his least successful season since 1997, suffering both from appalling luck and a loss of form at many races. The most notable incident was in Spain when he suffered a last-lap clutch/engine failure while leading. Despite winning two Grands Prix, he elected to retire (originally announced as a sabbatical) at the end of the season, and would be replaced by compatriot Kimi Räikkönen. Coulthard, by contrast, produced the best season of his career to date, winning two races early on and mounting a championship challenge to Michael Schumacher. However, McLaren lost this early parity with Ferrari and he was fortunate to keep second place in the Drivers' Championship ahead of Ferrari's number two, Rubens Barrichello.

McLaren Mercedes went into the 2001 season with renewed major sponsorships such as West, Mobil 1, Mercedes-Benz, Hugo Boss, Sun Microsystems, Computer Associates, Warsteiner, Schüco and Loctite. McLaren-Mercedes received new sponsorship such as SAP, Siemens Mobile and discontinued sponsorships are Fujitsu Siemens. The livery was similar to the 2000 design with subtle changes.

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El McLaren MP4-16 fue un monoplaza de Fórmula 1 con el que el equipo McLaren compitió en la temporada 2001. Fue conducido por el doble campeón mundial Mika Häkkinen y David Coulthard en lo que sería su sexta y última temporada juntos como compañeros de equipo.

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De McLaren MP4-16 was de Formule 1-auto van McLaren-Mercedes van 2001. De wagen was de opvolger van de McLaren MP4/15. De wagen was niet zo sterk als zijn voorloper. Er werd 4 keer gewonnen met de bolide, 2 keer door David Coulthard en 2 keer door Mika Häkkinen. McLaren eindigde 2e in het constructeurskampioenschap.

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