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Loadlibrary Failed For Srclient Dll With Hr High Quality

WARNING: LoadLibrary failed for srclient.dll with hr:8007007eWARNING: GetUserTokenFromSessionID failed with error 800706d3WARNING: Exit code = 80240020**** END ** Agent : Installing updates [CallerId = Microsoftupdate]**WARNING: WU client failed installing updates with error 0x80240020>>-- RESUMED -- COMAPI: Install [ClientID = MicrosoftUpdate] - Install call failed - Reboot required = NO - WARNING: Exit code = 0x80240FFF; Call error code = 0x80240020--------------- END -- COMAPI: Install [ClientId = Microsoftupdate]-------------WARNING: Operation failed due to earlier error, hr=80240020I can't find the errorcodes anywhere, but I must admit I suspect WindowsInstaller to be the problem (is Installer 3.1 a must with MS Update, and is 3.1 supported under WIN2K?). On the other hand, it was the update program itseft that suggested goint from WIN Update to MS Update and it did not request any update to Installer during the process. So - anyone with an idea of where the problem lies?Thanks in advance Chris

Loadlibrary Failed For Srclient Dll With Hr


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