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Maken-ki! Two Episode 5

Aki has never had a relationship as she is still a virgin even with her veteran figure and she is in no hurry to change that fact, as seen in season 2 episode 5 OVA where she makes Takeru Ooyama her boyfriend in order to prevent her mother from finding one. She does want a relationship but would like to sort the matter for herself. When Minori Rokujou reveals her virginity to Takeru and Kengo Usui, she is mortified and begs the boys to keep it to themselves. Takeru said she would be a good bride and that he would want marry her. After that, she blushed and was very happy to hear that.

Maken-ki! Two Episode 5

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Though I assume this episode to be non-canonical like all the other season two TV episodes, we actually get some new and interesting characters, and even a little bit of plot and character development. Though this was far from the sexiest episode it was also a reminder of how much better this series could have been if it had actually been built around an actual recurring story instead of episodic fillers. 041b061a72


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