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Download Fix File Roy Orbison - King Of Hearts (202...

UPDATE: On February 12, 2023, I updated the mp3 download file. Musical associate Lilpanda had a different source for this concert, with the same high quality sound. Most of it was the same, but there were five songs I didn't have. So I added those. I don't know the correct song order, so I put three of the newly discovered ones at the start (the ones by NRBO, Joe Ely, and Syd Straw). That also included two songs by the Byrds, "Eight Miles High" and "He Was a Friend of Mine," so I put those with the rest of the Byrds' set. That added about 20 minutes of music to the album.

Download File Roy Orbison - King Of Hearts (202...

For those curious if Rock Band 4 is worth the price of admission, check out our review. Speaking of price, each DLC track costs $1.99. This week's download, which is being called the Off The Charts 02 pack, can also be purchased as a bundle for $8.49. 041b061a72


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