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National Building Code Of The Philippines Pd 1096.pdf

From the first known written building code in 1758 BC to the national building codes currently implemented in various countries globally, building codes have evolved as growing demands in the building industry arise. Nonetheless, all codes, including the National Building Code of the Philippines, have their objectives remain the same. It is to assure the wellness and safety of the people through responsible building design and construction.

National Building Code Of The Philippines Pd 1096.pdf

Building codes serve as the foundation guidelines of architects, builders, developers, and engineers in designing and constructing for any safe and secure built environment. Rather than serving as legally binding regulations, building codes serve as prototypes for legal jurisdictions to refer to when composing new statutes.

Since they primarily relate to the proper planning, construction, and occupancy of buildings and structures, building codes, like the National Building Code of the Philippines, are also highly vital in protecting public safety, health, and general welfare.

With the Fire Code of the Philippines non-existent until 1977, Republic Act 6541 covered provisions on Fire and Fire-Resistive Standards and discussed in Title 2 of the code. While the present national building code enforced Fire-Resistive Requirements, they were only applicable in construction applications, not the occupancy itself.

To say that building codes are a complex body of regulations would be an understatement. As these regulations are written, rewritten, and interpreted by a legion of professionals ranging from policymakers, planners to inspectors, conflicting arguments along the way is part of the refinements. This is why it is important for progressive mindsets to keep an open line of communication between the public and private professionals involved. Proper aptitude and disinterestedness in personal gains are essential to unravel the tangle of regulations surrounding the ever-evolving design, planning, and construction industry.

How else can we make the building code better? Please drop your comments below. If you need an architect to help you understand more about the building code for your property projects in the Philippines, please feel free to get in touch.


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