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Bengali Movie Doctor Strange English

The red gravelled road goes past the ruined places of ancient landlords, dilapidated gardens, temples covered with moss, rubbish heaps and fallow land overgrown with weeds, the broken steps leading down into the numerous ponds. One finds dirt and desolation all around. An ancient banyan tree towers over the scene, its branches old and dry. Under its shade can be seen the cemented platform of what once used to be a place of worship. The gravelled walk ends here, meeting a broad cobbled road, fringed by shops of various kinds. This is the market place, full of the bustle of life, the strange mixed smell, movement of carts laden with goods, noise and crowd. The market has expanded considerably. There are tea and sweetmeat shops for the weary traveller. The best tea shop is next to the Nabagram Medical Stores, the one store one can hardly miss with its colourful advertisement of wares. The shop and the furniture are both new and striking. Haren the doctor, who wears trousers and a bush shirt, presides over the pharmacy, a stethoscope dangling from his neck.

Bengali Movie Doctor Strange English


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