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Celeb Voice Sygic Maps

Given that, the voice that comes with Sygic is a little too computerised but the app did suggest to download the Samsung voice which sounds almost identical to that of TomTom. Additional voices are available, including celebrity of pop culture ones that do come at an additional cost. You can even have Homer Simpson from The Simpsons navigating you as well.

celeb voice sygic maps

A special mention should be made about the premium in-app features that include live updated traffic reports, new voices for Sygic that include Homer Simpsons plus other celebrities, 300,000 locations of mobile speed cameras throughout the world and my favourite which is ideal for night driving, a Heads Up Display (HUD) which basically projects the GPS locations on your windscreen. is one of several apps that receive map data from the open-source OpenStreetMap (OSM), a kind of Wikipedia for maps. The app is free, as are the maps you download, but it lacks some basic features of other GPS apps, such as voice-guided navigation and real-time traffic. It also works on Apple Watch.

Navmii, which claims to be the first free iOS navigation app, also gets its data from the OSM. The app offers free, real-time traffic and road data (though you need an Internet connection to receive it in real time), along with voice-guided directions and other features. The apps are free but include ads, which you can get rid of for $2. Other paid upgrades add voices from celebrities, including Snoop Dogg and Homer Simpson.

The Genius Maps app for Android weighs in at 33.12 MB and the USA West Map that I used during testing is a 307 MB additional download. The total installed size on my Google Nexus 5 came to 370 MB, the difference being filled with voice guidance and other data stored by the app. It was nice to not have to fill up the entire internal memory with maps, but you could probably get enough maps for a coast-to-coast U.S. road trip in about 1 GB.

The last decision that you'll have to make during setup is what voice to use for the spoken turn-by-turn directions. Mireo offers a selection of free TTS voices in a variety of languages, each weighing in at about 1-2 MB per voice and each a free download. There are a few celebrity voices available at additional cost, also additional size since they don't use TTS. For example, comedian Doug Benson was available (11 MB) for $4.99, but an error with my Google Play account prevented me from purchasing and trying this feature.


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