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Some medications are available in powdered form to be mixed at the time of use. Examples include alprostadil (CaverJect or Edex) and some formulations of Tri-Mix. Mixed compounded medications can be transported but ideally should be kept in checked bags or a cooler, so they stay as cold as possible and retain potency.

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If you think a mole or other skin lesion has turned into skin cancer, your primary care provider will probably refer you to a dermatologist. The dermatologist will examine any moles in question and, in many cases, the entire skin surface. Any lesions that are difficult to identify, or are thought to be skin cancer, may then be checked. Tests for skin cancer may include:

I checked out many of the recommended books from these sites, and wrote up summaries of the books. I also created a comparison chart to show what topics they address, and took notes on details about specific wording they use to describe various concepts, so that you can find the one that best aligns with your values and with what you are ready to teach your child.

Uh, actually, we just checked with several medical specialists, and it turns out that's not entirely accurate. Apparently, there's a thing called "human anatomy" that makes it physically impossible for women to pee like men, irrespective of how much they might want to. "But Cracked, you'd have to be like 5 not to know that!" Yeah, hypothetical reader, and what age group do you think this book's yellow stream of knowledge is squarely aimed at?


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